Faster 545 SCA

Faster 545 SCA

The bow ramp equipped Faster 545 SCA aluminum boat is a pioneer in accessible boating. The wide hydraulically operated ramp in the bow is an essential and extremely practical feature of this robust leisure/work boat, allowing for easy access even for wheelchair-bound boaters. The rugged one-piece door between the steering consoles is slightly wider than that of the standard 545 models, in order for wheelchairs to pass easily. A redesigned port side console makes is easy to maneuver a wheelchair in the cockpit behind the sheltering windshield. On the aluminum deck we have fitted numerous load securing loops, so that it is convenient to fasten loads or a wheelchair to any part of the boat during the ride.
Read more about the features and solutions made for an accessible boating experience further down on the page.

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Boating without barriers – the accessible aluminum boat for work and leisure

Faster 545 SCA, which was launched in February 2022, is a pioneer in accessible boating. Designed in collaboration with active boater Heikki Konttinen of Eseko Oy, accessibility and ease of handling have been at the heart of everything - and the solidly built Faster 545 provides the perfect platform. The hydraulically operated bow ramp makes docking easy and accessing the boat effortless, while the even aluminum deck and meticulously designed placements of the consoles make it easy to operate the boat, even from a wheelchair. Hand-crafted from durable marine aluminium, the hull is built to withstand extreme usage and can thus easily be beached on stony shores, sandy beaches and along jetties. In other words, the boat is no longer an obstacle to enjoying the archipelago and having an active boating life, even though one might sit in a wheelchair or move a bit more arduously than the average Joe. Concerning driving capabilities, the 545 SCA does not deviate from those of the standard Faster boat models, i.e., it effortlessly slides through the water and splits waves in a firm but smooth manner.

Despite their relatively compact size, the Faster 545 models are in a class of their own in terms of carrying capacity and modification possibilities. In addition to the eight-person capacity, the boat can carry up to 125 kg of luggage and other gears. The bow ramp of the accessible 545 SCA model has been redesigned to ensure easy access directly from the dock or beach along the boat's own ramp, and the ramp’s low threshold facilitates passage. The hydraulic bow ramp is raised and lowered at the touch of a button on the dashboard or by remote control. The hydraulic system allows the ramp to be pushed down so low that the boat stays firmly in place when boarding using ramp power alone, making it much easier to handle the boat when operating it alone. The ramp also allows the bow of the boat to be raised to the level of the jetty, making passage unobstructed even from jetties of different heights.

The placement of the consoles has been carefully planned together with Konttinen, who himself is wheelchair-bound. The driver’s console is familiar from the standard 545 SC model, but the co-pilot's console has been replaced by a narrower tabletop and a handrail to allow safety, as well as better access to the door and easy turning even when operating from a wheelchair. The protective door between the desks has been slightly widened to make it easier for wheelchair users to pass through. The driver's console features the familiar 9-inch Raymarine Axiom+ chartplotter with CPT-S echo sounder and all the necessary controls within easy reach. The windscreen, which is made out of glass, provides good protection for passengers, and it is surrounded by a sturdy handrail-styled frame for security and easy support. Safety is further enhanced by the sturdy railings at the bow and stern, and the high freeboards familiar to the Fasters. The bow deck is vast and even, so in addition to easy maneuverability, the bow is ideal e.g. for transporting bulky items to the summer house in the archipelago, or it can be utilized for fishing straight from the boat.

As with the other Faster models, the 545 SCA's versatility is one of its greatest assets. Faster’s familiar quick-fix mounting rail runs along the boat's internal hull sides, making it easy to attach any accessories you might need. The list of accessories includes for example load-binding hooks, rope boxes, additional seats that double as storage boxes, fender racks and an anchor holder. Both at the bow and the stern of the boat there are standardly fitted attachment points on the aluminum deck surface, where you can for example tie down bulky items or secure the wheelchair while driving. Behind the windscreen there is space for two removable shell seats. One seat is delivered with the boat, and it can easily be removed without the need for separate tools.

Each 545 SCA boat is individually tailored to meet the specific needs of the boater.

Faster 545 SCA

Faster 545 SCA

5,45 m
Total length
5,78 m
2,10 m
670 kg
Number of passengers
8 + 125 kg
Total load capacity
725 kg
80-100 hp
Estimated top speed with two persons
34 kn
Deadrise angle
Transom height
508 mm
Length, steering cable
5,0 m
Length, remote control cable
EN-AW 5754/5083
Seat boxes
Comfort seats
Steering console
Fuel tank
100 l
4 mm
4 mm
4 mm
2 mm
2 mm
  • 9" Raymarine Axiom+ chartplotter and CPT-S sensor (year model 2021-)
  • A Lighthouse nautical chart (one optional country, downloadable)
  • Lockable storage units
  • Trolling Control (when pre-rigged for Honda)
  • Hydraulic steering
  • Manual bilge pump
  • Side railings HST
  • Navigation light
  • Paddle
  • Integrated 100 liter fuel tank
  • Fuel filter
  • Hook for trailer/locking
  • Sensor frame for transducer
  • Swimming/boarding ladder
  • 12 V outlet
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Adjustable and removable shell seat, 1 pc
  • Box for anchor and mooring lines in the stern
  • A narrower table top with grab rail (for co-pilot)
  • Wide one-piece door between the consoles (approx. 67 cm wide)
  • Hydraulic bow ramp, switch on the dashboard + separate remote
  • Main electric switch in the bow (for eacy access)

All Faster models use the same detachable seats/storage boxes, that are easily mounted onto special quick-fix rails.The seats/storage boxes are available in three sizes: 44 cm, 78 cm and 118 cm. With the help of e.g. these boxes you can effortlessly tailor the boats so it suits your own needs and requirements. Several other additional equipments further increase the adaptability of the boats.