Why Faster?

The true aluminium boat.

Our whole business is characterized by our passionate attitude towards boat building. All our Faster boats are made by hand, as a meticulous handicraft - thus Faster is no mass product. Faster aluminium boats are tested and reviewed in professional use, so that you get the best of the best for harsh conditions, rocky beaches and shallow waters.

Eight unique reasons for choosing Faster

1  Faster is durable

  • The manufacturing materials and the material strengths have been designed and executed so that Faster withstands even the harshest of conditions. 

2  Faster is the true aluminium boat

  • The raw, untreated marine aluminium that the Faster boats are made of withstands bumps and impacts, and endures active use year in and year out without tiring. Additionally it is extremely easy to keep clean and maintain. 

3  Faster is Finnish

  • The Faster aluminium boats are designed and manufactured by true aluminium boat building experts at the Juha Snell factory in Tuusula, Finland. Each boat is hand-made for you, no mass product.

4  Faster is reliable

  • Many professionals who use boats in their daily lives or for work rely on Faster. Both the police force and several SAR units trust in our products, so why wouldn't you?
    Security onboard is reinforced by high freeboards, sturdy railings and a roughened aluminium deck. Faster will take you where you need to go, may is so be in the dark of the winter when the waters are rough.

5  Faster is extremely versatile

  • A great adaptability to ones own needs is a feature we are extremely proud of. You can easily add e.g. different sized seats/storage boxes to each of the Faster boats, making it better suited for your use. More about the adaptability here. The boats have been equipped with our special quick-fix rails, to which you can easily mount additional equipments.

6  Faster is longlived and retains its value

  • A strong, sturdy construction and carefree, durable materials guarantee that you can easily change up your boat to a larger one, may your needs and desires change. The boats retain an surprisingly high resale value, when compared to many other boats on the market. Additional equipments are available even further in the future. 

7  Faster boats are made with care

  • The hulls and reinforcement structures are always welded with great care.
  • The interior deck is fully made out of aluminium plating, making it durable in active use and easy to maintain. The surface is roughened for enhanced safety onboard.
  • The aluminium floor is impermeable and rain water draining, and the generously proportioned drainage holes will not clog. 

8  Readily equipped

  • All Faster Aluminium boats are already at the factory pre-equipped with a Raymarine a78-chartplotter includin an echo sounder, a multi-function display that shows e.g. the engine information, meters and water depth and Bluetooth/WiFi. The standard equipment also includes hydraulic steering and Trolling Control*.

    * Trolling Control is standardly fitted for boats pre-rigged with Honda (BF40-BF150).