Faster 625 SC

Faster 625 SC

Faster 625 SC is a spacious boat aimed at families and leisure boaters who need their boat to perform consistently no matter what it's used for. The boat works just as well as a fisherman's friend as it does as a allrounder for the summer house in the archipelago. Behind the dual consoles five adults travel comfortably. Faster 625 SC is registered for 10 passengers and has an extremely good carrying capacity.

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A spacious and versatile leisure boat

In February 2017 we launched the new Faster 625 CC. Later the same year its sister model, the 625 SC, was introduced. The 625 SC, as the name implies, has two separate consoles, a well-sheltering windshield and a spacious bow. The hull is the exact same as that of the 625 CC, meaning it has a sharp bow that cuts smoothly through the waves.

The two consoles have been newly designed for this specific model and they include plenty of storage for small items, drinking bottles etc. A 9-inch Raymarine Axiom+ -chartplotter is commonly installed on the dashboard*, facilitating navigation and informing the driver of engine performance in realtime.

Both the windscreen and the one-part door in-between the consoles are made out of actual glass, enabling installation of a windshield wiper. The driver's wiper is included in the boat's standard price. The spacious are in the bow is a versatile space suited for both spin fishing and for transporting large amounts of packing/load. Along the interior sides runs the unique quick fix rails, which are familiar from the other Faster boat models. In these rails it is extremely easy and quick to fasten different additional accessories, such as load securing loops, boxes for mooring lines or fenders and additional seats. This makes the 625 SC easy to adapt to your own needs. Along the interior sides in the bow we have incorporated two long storage compartments, suited for e.g. fishing rods. The new steering consoles also have a storage compartment on the front side of the console.

The space behind the steering consoles has two separate boat seats and two 78 cm wide seats/storage boxes placed as stern bench. As additional accessories you can buy seat cushions cushions for the boxes and a padded backrest that is fastened onto the stern rail. Faster 625 SC can also be equipped with a drawer fridge and a table for the C-rail.

The hull design is extremely functional, meaning that the Faster 625 models glide through the water smoothly and well-balanced. The sharp bow cuts well through the waves and makes sure that the sea sprays are guided to the sides leaving passengers and packning dry from splashes. As the 625 CC also the dual console version, Faster 625 SC, is registered for up to 10 passengers - making the carrying capacity outstanding. The engine recommendation is 115 - 200 hp, and the measured top speed with a 200 hk outboard engine lies around 45 knots.

*) Please consult your local Faster dealer in order to ensure if the chartplotter is standard or optional. This varies according to the country the boats are sold to, due to country-specific agreements.

(The analog fuel meter, that might be seen in some of the close-up pictures, are no longer installed onto new boats. The fuel consumption can be found via the chartplotter.)

Test driving report:

Faster 625 SC

Faster 625 SC

6,25 m
Total length
6,60 m
2,35 m
895 kg
Number of passengers
Total load capacity
855 kg
115-200 hp
Estimated top speed with two persons
45 kts
Deadrise angle
Transom height
635 mm
Length, steering cable
5,5 m
Length, remote control cable
EN-AW 5754/5083
Seat boxes
Comfort seats
Steering console
Fuel tank
140 l
4 mm
4 mm
4 mm
3 mm
2 mm
  • Raymarine Axiom 9’’
  • Lockable storage units
  • Trolling Control
  • Hydraulic steering
  • Manual bilge pump
  • Side railings HST
  • Navigation light
  • Paddle
  • Integrated 140 liter fuel tank
  • Fuel filter
  • Hook for trailer/locking
  • Sensor frame
  • Swimming ladder
  • 12 V outlet
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Adjustable shell seats 
  • Box for anchor and mooring lines in the stern
  • 2 x 78 cm wide storage/seating boxes
  • Glove compartment in the console
  • Canopy storage
  • Driver's windshield wiper
  • Glass one-part door in-between consoles

All Faster models use the same detachable seats/storage boxes, that are easily mounted onto special quick-fix rails.The seats/storage boxes are available in three sizes: 44 cm, 78 cm and 118 cm. With the help of e.g. these boxes you can effortlessly tailor the boats so it suits your own needs and requirements. Several other additional equipments further increase the adaptability of the boats.

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