Faster 635 SC

Faster 635 SC

Faster 635 SC is a dual console boat with a practical electrically operated bow ramp. The design of the consoles is all-new, and gives great shelter from wind and seasprays. The one-piece middle door is easy and safe to use, and there is plenty of space on the bow deck to transport even a full-size ATV.

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A talented multitasker with a practical bow ramp

The 635 SC, which has been equipped with a bow ramp and dual steering consoles, is a leisure boat that doubles as a sturdy workhorse. It is suited not only for transporting bulky and heavy loads, but also as an access boat between the summer house and harbor, as a boat for recreational fishing or even for diving purposes. The electrically operated, well over a meter wide bow ramp is the biggest asset of this model and facilitates not only packing and unpacking, but it also makes embarking and debarking the boat from the bow extremely effortless. The large bow deck even has space for a full-size ATV, which can easily be fastened in place thanks to durable load securing loops on the aluminum deck.

The dual consoles, which are of a fully new design, give effective shelter for both driver, co-driver and any passengers traveling in the back. The door between the consoles is made in one piece, in order to make it as easy and safe as possible to operate. As with all other Faster boat models, the 635 SC is also extremely easy to adapt according to your own needs and desires. Along the inner hull sides we have installed smart aluminum rails, onto which you can fasten additional accessories, such as extra seats, storage boxes, steps and boxes for mooring lines. The 635 SC is also possible to equip with a drawer fridge for extra comfort. Fastening and detaching the accessories to the rail is quick, and only requires a modest amount of strength.

The carrying capacity of the 635 models is outstanding, you can carry up to 10 persons and simultaneously up to 315 kg of packing - without having to compromise on the extraordinary driving properties and safety.

Faster 635 SC

Faster 635 SC

6,35 m
Total length
6,70 m
2,35 m
835 kg
Number of passengers
Total load capacity
1065 kg
115-200 hp
Deadrise angle
Transom height
635 mm
Length, steering cable
5,5 m
Length, remote control cable
18' / 5,48 m
EN-AW 5754/5083
Seat boxes
Comfort seats
Steering console
Fuel tank
140 l
4 mm
4 mm
4 mm
3 mm
2 mm
  • Lockable storage units
  • Trolling Control (if sold with Honda outboards BF40-BF150)
  • Hydraulic steering
  • Manual bilge pump
  • Side grab rails HST
  • Navigation lights
  • Paddle
  • Driver's windshield wiper
  • Integrated 140 liter fuel tank
  • Fuel filter
  • Boat trailer hook in the bow
  • Swimming ladder
  • 12 V outlet
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Adjustable shell seats (not comfort seats)
  • Box for anchor and mooring lines in the stern
  • 2 x 78 cm wide storage/seating boxes
  • Glove compartment in the console
  • Canopy storage

All Faster models use the same detachable seats/storage boxes, that are easily mounted onto special quick-fix rails.The seats/storage boxes are available in three sizes: 44 cm, 78 cm and 118 cm. With the help of e.g. these boxes you can effortlessly tailor the boats so it suits your own needs and requirements. Several other additional equipments further increase the adaptability of the boats.

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